The subscription TV industry is a market leader of digital broadcasting. A dynamic sector that is constantly evolving and growing, it is received nationally by 34% of Australians through their homes and many more through hotels, clubs and other entertainment and business venues.

As the Independent Chairman of Subscription Television Australia, The Hon Steve Bracks represents a unified position for the subscription television sector on key policy issues. In this role Mr Bracks works closely with ASTRA’s CEO Petra Buchanan and Board regarding strategic policy to further the industry’s policy aims.

Subscription television offers over 200 unique and popular channels like Showcase, FOX SPORTS, National Geographic, FOX8, Nickelodeon, Max and The LifeStyle Channel which have become a staple source of entertainment and information to many Australians. Informative news channels include SKY NEWS, SKY BUSINESS, APAC (the Parliamentary channel), BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN.